The Only Weeds I Have Are In My Garden; And I Remove Those Too

I don’t do drugs.

I don’t even smoke conventional cigarettes anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t smoke weed (when people look at me they think I must roll joints all day long). Apparently everyone smokes weed nowadays and it’s safe to assume that drugs are involved when having a good time.


Peer pressure doesn’t really work on me but it drives me up the wall how we’ve normalised drug use. If it alters your reality, yeah my friend, it’s a drug and it’s not good for you.

I stumbled upon a nugget of information last year, my father of all people turns out to be a stoner and I was angry and upset at how I’ve been a witness to some sort of performance… because being stoned is not really being yourself. All the times when he was annoying and immature and downright ridiculous, he’s been high. I’ve been around enough people to know that it changes you into something different. So yeah, zero tolerance to drugs here and I won’t be conforming to the agenda of being cool about it.

This is my opinion of course but as long as others have the right to openly talk about getting high, I have the same right to complain about how much I hate it.


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