Planning My Holidays

I’ve allowed myself a much needed break from my current reality and I’ve been excitedly (as excited as I can get) planning my escape.

My family has a summer house where I spent every single summer as a child there, swimming and being young. We usually used to stay there for 2 months, sometimes more. It’s a much different story now that I’m an adult, thinking back on how much fun I used to have.

To be honest, I avoided going there because the good memories were just too overwhelming, they were a stark contrast to what my life feels like now. The happy memories remind me how easy it is to lose everything you love and how a good place can turn into a place that haunts you.

Despite the deep, fucked-up and prolonged trauma I have, my summer house is capable of giving me new, happy memories.

I spent some time there with my best friend, before the summer and we had so much fun exploring and being in the moment because I guess she’s caught up with the future and I’m stuck in the past… how ironic.

Anyway, I’m planning my trip, I’ll be leaving as soon as possible, probably around the 15th of August.Hopefully, my friend will be able to come for a couple of days. I’ll try and rent a bicycle so I can go around the island and explore a bit more. I don’t know, I’m trying to be spontaneous!


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