September 10th

Happy World Suicide Prevention day, if that’s something we’re supposed to say! There are many people out there that need to be informed about how suicide affects all of our lives. There’s someone out there that might need your help, that might think they have nobody left to stand up for them or stand by their side.

I went to an event at a suicide crisis center, listened to the statistics and stories of people silently suffering through life because fuck, mental health is still something we whisper to each other. I made a mental note to be more open about it from now on, not just for my sake, but for someone else that might be too scared to start the conversation themselves.

Some of you might know that my best friend is suicidal and how it was quite a shock for me.

Thinking back to those days, six or seven months ago, I was scared but certain that we’d pull through. She’s headstrong and cool in that way… but I worried about what would happen if she tried to kill herself and succeed. I selfishly pictured my life empty and much less weird without her and it was terrible, not just for the people she could have left behind but for herself as well, for the immense potential she’s showing every single day (despite her best efforts at saying she’s a turd).

I can’t speak on her behalf because she’s done all the work. In retrospect, she’d probably say it was worth it.

It’s scary to feel alone but there’s always someone there for you, it could be a stranger on the internet or your cousin or your best friend. You might think they won’t care or won’t understand or that you’re a burden, but you’re not. I promise you’re not.

So, to all of you out there, take some time and breathe, talk to someone you trust and seek help from medical professionals.

With love,



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