Do You Need Religion?

This spiritual connection I’m supposed to have has been forever eluding me ever since I was born. Truth be told, it’s not the only thing I can’t wrap my head around but for this post’s sake, let’s pretend I’m fully functional.

This place I live in is generally perceived as religious and people still cling to traditions of the olden ages. It’s funny how my mind immediatelly equates religion with being narrow-minded. I know it’s not the case for most religious people but it’s different here.

Personally, I felt left out when I was young for not understanding (or wanting) a belief in something beyond being human. The Orthodox religion seemed strict and scary, the saints pictured along the walls looked like gaunt mummified remains and the church smelled weird. This of course pertains to a specific dogma and I would like to include belief in general.

Do we need to believe in something higher to feel complete? Or has that idea been forced on us because we started off as explaining the wonders of our universe through tales and crazy stories.

Does this abyss inside us exist? The one that needs to be filled with a God or Gods? Is a divine being just a prank that started thousands of years ago when some person wrote a joke on a scroll?

I think that our consiousness likes to torment ourselves, either by being scared of heaven and hell, or just wondering in vain what created the Big Bang. Either way, we’re all different and right in our own way as long as that opinion is stated eloquently and democratically, without excluding those that oppose you.

We don’t need any more divide.

So, do you need religion?


3 thoughts on “Do You Need Religion?”

  1. Personally I’ve never felt the need to search for a high power. If I do at some point, though, I think it would definitely be a personal spiritual journey rather than trying to get there via organized religion.


  2. I’ve never been a “spiritual” person but have had temporary inspirational moments šŸ™‚ I just responded to another blog saying my mind is my god and it guides me. There are plenty of religions and philosophies out there that people adhere to but I’d much rather take the bits and pieces from each that work for me, rather than to be a follower. Other than my brain, I don’t believe in a “higher power”.



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