Walking Home

The night was tonight, October the 18th.

It didn’t have any sort of significance, just that it was today and it was night. Distant noise of people having a life on Thursday made its way through my ears, enough for me to register and use it as a background descriptor.

I noticed a small patch of land I loved to pass through as a kid. It’s yet again been restructured into someone else’s architectural project and our mayor’s persistant on destroying anything that’s left. They planted grass that was real and fake at the same time because it never tried, it was simply placed there and assumed a role.

My right thumb was tucked obsessively inside my fist, a tightness I had noticed because I’ve been aware of what a weirdo I am.

I knew that Australia had a prime Minister that had disappeared into the ocean one day when he went for a mysterious walk. My mother was surprised I knew of that but really… mom, has there ever been a fact so tailor-made for me to know?



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