I Told My Mother!

My mother was basically gone for a month and a half, right when I decided to see a mental health specialist. She finally came back and I told her that I’m on medication and that I’m getting help. It was surprisingly easy to tell her because I mostly wanted to stop lying about what I was doing.

It’s nice to openly talk about my medication and my troubles sleeping.

On an even better note, I think there might be a tiny little change in the way I feel. I don’t drown my brain in thoughts every night and fall asleep much easier. I don’t know how it will feel when the pills will start kicking in or if I will even be able to feel a difference but hey, we’re getting there!

To anyone out there having doubts, tell someone. It’s hard and embarrassing but that weight feels so much lighter once you tell a person you trust.


Dreams and Antidepressants

It’s almost three weeks since I started taking Prozac and I’ve been having very vivid dreams the past two nights. The first night, I dreamt that I was falling and I woke up, leaping out of bed.

Last night, I dreamt that I was hanging off a balcony and screaming for help while people were staring at me and not helping at all. Instead of waking up, I actually fell and landed on the ground but it was a very soft landing, as if there was sand beneath my feet.

It’s interesting to say the least. Can’t say I’ve had any negative effects yet except for my mouth feeling like the fucking desert!