A Beginners Guide to T.Rex (the band, not the dinosaur)


It physically hurts my heart when musicians don’t really get the recognition they deserve. I don’t know why Marc Bolan is not as significant as David Bowie. They were both around the same age, they had a similar look (yes, David Bowie did copy Marc’s look at the beginning) and despite the fact that T.Rex had more of a tween following, their music defined a whole generation and defined movements to come, like punk and glam metal.

Anyway, here’s a list of some songs I personally consider landmarks for T.Rex (and no, Children of The Revolution and Get It On are not included because everyone and their grandmother knows those songs):

  • By The Light Of A Magical Moon. Lyrics that paint a whole picture of a beautiful place where everything’s carefree and you’re walking barefoot on the grass, this is what this song feels like.
  • Laser Love. Everyone thought that rock n’ roll was dead because disco reigned supreme. Those two worlds could co-exist in peaceful harmony.
  • Life’s A Gas. I’m a sucker for acoustic guiatrs and apathy. This song has both. The album Electric Warrior is one of the most iconic records of the 70s and I could probably list every single song from it as life-changing but I’m trying to remain calm.
  • Rabbit Fighter. This is the point where we shrug and say ‘this song makes no sense, what is this all about?’ and you’re right, what the hell is a rabbit fighter?! You still can’t help loving the groove and the squealing guitar. It feels like this song should have been on hundreds of movie soundtracks.
  • Token of my love. From an album that was considered a flop. The backing vocals are worth every single penny and it’s refreshing to hear about broken hearts in such a upbeat melody.
  • Life Is Strange. No, not the video game. Simplistic but beautiful, it’s one of those songs I listen to with a smile on my face because I can relate to it. Life is strange.
  • Monolith. It’s cool-sounding.
  • The Slider. Okay, this is quite a well-known song from the homonymous album. Marc Bolan sings so indifferently, stating that when he’s sad, he slides. Apparently the entire song is about doing lines of cocaine but I think he was just having an existencial crisis. This is probably my single most favorite song.

Hard to stop once you start going but this is just a small taste. What’s nice about music is that we could like the same album but be enraptured by different songs. Find the ones that mean the most to you and make them your own.

With ultra regret,